Coin Master Unlimited Free Spin In 2019

Are you searching for some free Spins for Coin Master in 2019 to clear levels?

Well, we have summaries some methods which will enable you with free spins, and this will help you clear your present levels. As you all know coins master is the game of Casino style spinner and will churn out different game items which you will use to build your village.

coin master free Spins

Coin Master Game reviews in 2019

Brilliant Use of Casino style Spinner and building game” – gamesman

So, today we will discuss the gameplay of coin master which is a brilliant combination of the casino-style spinner and building game. Game developer of coin master has brilliantly added casino fever with the building game. You need to spin the casino spinner to get free game items or coins. With these free game items, you can use different strategies in the game.


You will get four game items when you spin the casino wheel in Coin master.

  • Hammer
  • Shield
  • Pig Face
  • Coins

Hammer: this game item is used to plunder other players village and loots all coins he has in his village. Hammer can be used once, and it will fetch you coins when you hit another people village. Hammer can be stopped only by the shield, if that player has shield activated then your hammer will break the shield, and it will then disappear, and your chance will be over.

Shields: This game item is used to protect your village from external attack, and it can be used only once per item after that shield will be broken and will vanish. If you want to protect your hard earn coins from external attacks, then purchase Shields in huge quantity. These game items can only be used against the hammer.

Pig Face: this game item enables you to attack the game master place which will fetch your huge gold coins. Pig Face is difficult to get and gives huge rewards when you use them.

Coins: The fourth item from the slot machine is coins, if you fail to get any of the above game items then you will definitely get some coins for your effort.

03 Methods to get Coin master free Spins

There are many proven coin master methods by which you can get coin master free spins, some of them are given below

1. use Online Tool for a spin

We have extensively researched more than 21 websites which claims to provide free coins or spin of coin master and found out all of them were 100% Fake. We have developed an online tool which did not work on breaking any servers or raising any big alarm. Instead, it works on AI (artificial intelligence) and proves links for free spins. You can use this online tool and get unlimited spins in your coin master account.

2. Connect your Facebook account

You will receive many rewards when you connect your account with Facebook account. Some of the rewards are given below

  • Get free 50 Spin in coin master
  • Get free 100K coins as a one-time bonus
  • Save and share your progress with all friends
  • Chat and send daily reports with your friends
  • Exchange the missing cards with your friends

3. Small glitch in Coin master to get free Spins

In this method, you need to make your smartphone date forward and use all the free spin. Follow these steps and get free Spin

  • Log out from your coin master game account
  • Set one day forward in your Smartphone
  • Now log in coin master account
  • Get free Spin, use them all
  • Log out from the account
  • Now change the time to the actual date
  • Log again into your coin master game account

  Final words

We all know how important coin master free spins are to make our self-progress in the game. You can check these awesome coin master methods to get free spins and little glitch to get extra spins in 2019.